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My 5 year old is doing naughty things that isn't normal, what do I do?

I walked in the lounge room and my 5yr old had his willy out, kneeling on his knees right in front of the baby laughing, he has never seen anything like it in movies or at home, I was so shocked and don''t know what to do about. Any advice?

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I wouldn't be too concerned, all children at some stage are fascinated and inquisitive with their private parts. It sounds like he was just showing off in front of the baby, while waiting for you to get him some pants.

A 5-year-old can understand what is wrong from wrong, try talking to him calmly (not angrily) explaining that playing with his willy in front of the baby is wrong.

When children show each other their private parts or even touch each other, it is not an automatic sign of anything more than curiosity. Adults should treat it matter-of-factly and use it as a moment to teach children that private parts are private and that behaviour of this kind is not appropriate.
Well, young kiddies find no end of humour out of body parts and body functions. But seeing this has come up maybe it is a good time to talk about privacy and what is acceptable!

This behaviour can often come from older kiddies so it might be good to question and try to find the source. As suggested though, remain calm and do not get upset if questions come your way!
Well, kids these days are very smart and most of the times we underestimate them. I think the kid has certainly watched something from the older kids in the neighbourhood or on the internet or the television. They have a very high grasping power and usually absorb everything that they hear or see. They don't have the power of classifying the information they absorb. It is always better to talk to them openly about such things and educate them and discourage them from doing it in the future.
I'll advice you that you should try to talk to your child in a calm way and I'll advice you that you should avoid your child from watching things that are older than his age you should monitor him all the time dear and make sure that people who are surrounded by him or that spend quality time with him have boundaries especially those who are older than him and make sure that when he plays he plays with the kids on his own age group because sometimes these kids learn all this stuff outside so you should try to talk to him kindly and calm he will understand
I would say,monitor your child on what she/he's watching on TV on daily basics,kids can do naughty things but playing with their private parts is little but concerning as that part is sencentive,try to calm talk to your child and try to find out where did she/he saw that action.
Hey there! Dealing with naughty behavior in a 5-year-old can be challenging, but let's see how we can handle it. First, try to understand the root cause of the behavior. Is there something triggering it? Then, set clear boundaries and consequences. Consistency is key! Also, focus on positive reinforcement and praise good behavior. If the behavior persists, seeking guidance from a pediatrician or child psychologist can be helpful. Hang in there, you're doing great
!You're doing great things and doing your job
I understand that your 5-year-old is behaving in ways that you consider naughty and not normal. It can be challenging to deal with such situations, but there are some steps you can take:

1. Stay calm and patient: Reacting with anger or frustration might escalate the situation. Try to approach it calmly.

2. Communicate and set boundaries: Talk to your child about their behavior and explain why it's not acceptable. Set clear and consistent rules and consequences.

3. Positive reinforcement: Acknowledge and praise your child when they behave well. Rewarding good behavior can motivate them to continue making positive choices.

4. Redirect their energy: Provide alternative activities or outlets for their energy and curiosity. Engage them in constructive play or hobbies that can channel their energy in a positive way.

5. Seek support: If the behavior persists or becomes a concern, consider reaching out to a pediatrician, child psychologist, or parenting support groups for guidance and advice.

Remember, every child is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. It's important to find an approach that suits your child's individual needs. Stay patient and consistent, and with time and guidance, their behavior may improve. Good luck!
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