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How do I deal with bad behaviour?

Any parents want to offer their tips on how to deal with bad behaviour from their children when they're at home?

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If I could offer one tip for parents of children of any age it would be to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to dealing with your childrens behaviour.

For me, it is one of the hardest things when I'm busy or just plain tired to deal with bad behaviour. But in the long run, it is better to deal with things early on in a firm way. If you've decided on a certain bedtime, or that everyone eats together at the table until the last one finishes etc then stick to it!

You're the parents - you ultimately decide what is acceptable behaviour in your own family. And if you have decided on issues like this before they come up you are presenting a united front to the kids and therefore more likely to get the good behaviour you want!
Well , bad behaviour is a term that can be interpreted in so many different ways. If the kids are showing an abnormal behaviour in any manner that is unusual for them then most of the times they may be encountering some sort of problem at there School or with the friends or family . Most of the times the kids are unable to explain there problems or openly ask questions to their parents . It's always necessary to comfort them and gently identify there problem and help them in solving it. Small children do also face the problem of Stress and tensions these days that is why parents need to be more patient in there approach.
A childs "bad" behavior, has EVERYTHING to do with the PARENTS. As a step father and a father, I get to see behavior of not only my biological children but my step children as well. I not only have the experience personally as a parent, but also as a child who grew up living in multiple homes.

A child living in a home with Both parents, a child who does not have multiple living arrangements, has a greater chance of "better" behavior patterns.

A child who's parents are separated, divorced, or who live apart; must abide by and accept Rules of two homes. The makeup of the family and the way the parents interact (before and after separation), plays a huge role in what a child is taught and who they become. Parents that for the most part, who work together-- raise kids with better behavior.

The Childs Behavior also depends on the morals and values of ALL Parents involved and whether or not they can make it work while Blending Parenting Styles and Differences. Each parent raised by different people, different values and different life stories.

A lot goes into who our children become. A childs behavior comes from parents who can or cant make things work and by sometimes accepting that it is our own fault-- the things we dont do enough of, what we allow- Not sticking to a plan, The Plan. Letting things go. That maybe if we would be a better role model--- that they would have better behavior.

Just my opinion, do with it what you want. I understand many things go into raising a family. Instill beliefs and values and dont forget it begins with each of us and who we are.

Best of Luck.

JR Wiles

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