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How do I stop my child taking toys from school?

My son has been caught taking toys from school. He says the kids loaned them to him but now he is being accused of stealing. He does have the items in question.

How do I punish my son for this WITHOUT having him being branded a thief but still teach him not to do it again?

We have taught both of our kids not to steal and I know they all go through it at some stage. Can anyone give me any advice?

My son is 8, old enough to know...

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The best option is to give back the items and tell him not to take any toys given to him at school by other children, whether offered or not.

My kids have gone through the same thing where other kids would give them toys and then claim they were stolen. We made the school aware and all the children were spoken to about it. Neither of my children were branded as thieves and it stopped the issue completely.

It's an opportunity to teach about social etiquette and the dark side of social exchanges. It is a difficult area to explain but teaching them how to determine if someone is honestly giving a gift or trying to stir trouble and how to handle it without causing offense or getting into trouble will give them tools for the future. They may not understand completely but eventually, they will cotton on and get the hang of social problems!
Why kids steal and how they learn to steal objects they like? This is the root cause. Kids follow their friends and elders. Because your kids are going to they must have learned to steal from their friends. My advice is to be friend of your kids. Once your in the circle they will start following you. When kids start going to school their friends circle is what they think about. Sometimes they just go to school for their friends. They wear dresses for friends and make hairstyles which their friends like. So be part of their friends circle and then show them what's good and what's bad.
My kid is not that age yet but I remember being in that exact same position as an 11 year old and I remember that the way my mother handled it was a turning point in that matter, I use to bring things from every where I go and the important thing that adults don't really get is for a kid stealing might not be understood the way it should, so in order for him to understand, it is important to be more intimidating when explaining the topic, it should not be the same level as discussing not eating ones veggies or not cleaning ones room, the tone should be different and more serious, My mother did that the right way she saw that an 11 year old should be old enough to understand the consequences of stealing and she forced me to give back the object I took.
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