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How do I get my son to stop swearing at me?

My son seems to have picked up some swear words from school, and when he gets angry he's started swearing at me. How do I discourage him from using swear words?

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Maybe offer him something else to say?

Our son briefly picked up swearing from somewhere, but because neither I or my husband swear they changed the words pretty quickly.

My favourite swear word is 'poppycock' (which is actually an old fashioned lolly!), and it's actually really cute to hear them use this word with such violent disgust!
Well, this can certainly happen with school going kids. They pick up new words and often get used to saying them without knowing their meaning. I think if the word is not very offensive then you may just ignore it when he uses it, eventually he will stop using it. However, sometimes it is very necessary to explain to the kid that using a word is not good and should never be done. I think once the kid understands that such words should not be uttered, he will stop using it. You need to tackle the issue very calmly and patiently.
Well it's okay to sit him down and explain why is swearing not supposed to be said and its very easy for them to understand when you explain it immediately rather than waiting to hear that again and don't shout don't be rude.
I had experience with a child who has picked up swear words can be challenging but rest assured, there are several strategies you can employ to discourage this behavior. Here are some suggestions:
- Model appropriate language: Make sure you consistently use polite and respectful language around your son. Children often learn from observing adults, so be mindful of the words you choose.
- Explain and educate: Have a calm conversation with your son about why using swear words is not acceptable. Describe how these words can be hurtful or disrespectful and help him understand the impact his words may have on others.
- Set clear expectations: Clearly communicate your expectations regarding language choices and explain that using swear words is not allowed. Discuss the consequences if he continues to use inappropriate language.
- Encourage alternative expressions: Teach your son alternative ways to express his anger or frustration effectively without resorting to swear words. Suggest phrases like "I feel upset" or "I need some space" that are more respectful yet still convey his emotions.
- Encourage open communication: Create an environment where your son feels comfortable discussing his feelings openly without resorting to swearing. Encourage him to communicate his frustrations or problems in a calm and respectful manner.
- Reinforce positive behavior: Whenever your son manages to express his emotions in an appropriate way, praise and acknowledge his efforts. Positive reinforcement can be a powerful tool in shaping behavior.
- Monitor media exposure: Be mindful of the media your son consumes, including TV shows, movies, and music. Limit exposure to content that includes excessive swearing, as this can contribute to the problem.
- Involve the school: If you notice that your son's behavior is primarily influenced by his peers at school, consider discussing the issue with his teacher or school counselor. They may be able to address and discourage the use of swear words among students.

Remember, discouraging the use of swear words takes time and consistency. Patience and understanding are crucial as children often experiment with language to test boundaries. With your guidance and support, your son can learn more appropriate ways to express himself.

Best of luck!
Ask him what wrong talk to him in a calm way avoid shouting at him also tell him that whenever the is something wrong that you did that he didn't like he should tell you in that way it's will help you to communicate and whenever the is something wrong he can be able to talk to you become his friend
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