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JustParents is the one of the fastest growing parenting websites in the UK. We provide our loyal visitors with a huge range of information, advice, pregnancy and parenting related content, and have already gained a reputation of being a trusted, fun community site.

  • 85% of JustParents members are female
  • 85% live in the UK
  • 90% have one or more children
  • 80% are between the ages of 18 and 34
  • 60% buy baby products online
(Source - Member Survey)

Our vital statistics speak for themselves:

  • Over 20,000 visitors per month
  • Over 50,000 pages viewed per month
  • Over 7,000 registered members

What do I get?

Advertising with JustParents allows you access to a huge number of parents, both members and visitors, who regularly make purchases of parenting and pregnancy related products/services. Our advertising partners are a vital part of keeping this site running, and so are seen by our members in a very favourable light which can not only build brand awareness and generate profit, but really help improve perception of your brand.

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  • Permission to promote your business in our community forums (within reason)
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How much does it cost?

Only £30 a month, which is around a pound a day to get great exposure to our visitors! We accept payments through PayPal subscription, which you can cancel at any time if you do not feel our service meets your requirements. We limit the number of advertising partners to make sure they each get maximum effectiveness and so that we can guarantee banner impressions, so why not sign up today?

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