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need some advice support etc

posted 7 years 5 months ago
hi i am apparently about 7 weeks pregnant according to an emergancy early pregnancy scan i had to have last monday because of small ammounts of bleeding after sex since the scan i have now had more bleeding quite a bit more and had to spend 3 hours in hospital yesterday for blood tests internal examination etc and have a scan booked for next thursday the doctor said the cervix was still closed and called it a "threatened misscarrage" which would explain the blood but said nothing we could do til the scan thurs to see the heartbeat but the bleeding is now like a proper period same kind of blood etc not heavy but not light have had to buy pads has anyone else been through this and what was the outcome???

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posted 7 years 4 months ago
I've had a 'threatened misscaraige' but the bleeding never became heavy although it lasted a few days.

I suffered bleeding after sex late on in my first pregnancy which was heavy, but obviously I was over 37 weeks when it happened so it was safe for baby to be delivered by then.

I hope everything is OK xx

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