I have an online party bag company. I hate the amount of money that can be spent on children's parties and the amount of waste that goes in the bin when all the children go home, so our party bags are full of quality toys that children would love to keep.
But what I hate even more are the companies that market the fact that they are 'green' when really they're not. I can only speak about the business that I'm in but I'm sure there are loads of companies in different sectors doing the same.
I sell gorgeous wooden gifts that a rival 'eco-friendly' company also sells but I know that the supplier sends each small toy in an individual plastic bag - I'm sure my competitor who claims to be eco-friendly conveniently forgets to mention this on their website.
I know this may sound a little like sour grapes but it does frustrate me - has anyone else experienced the same.
I don't think the environment should be used as a cheap marketing toy - does anyone agree?