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Pregnancy Diabetes.

posted 9 years 9 months ago
Hi There, Im Sadie and im 29 weeks pregnant with my first baby-due on March 10th. Went to the Midwife's for a routine appointment and she found that I had glucose in my urine. I had a glucose tolerance test the next day at Doctors and am waiting 4 results. Just wondered if anyone has had/got pregnancy diabetes as I am a bit concerned. Thanks, Sadie! x

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posted 9 years 9 months ago
Hi chick

I had a glucose constantly in my urine so I had two glucose tolerance tests during my first pregnancy and luckily my tests came back borderline (whatever that means LOL). However My aunt has had gestational diabetes with her last two children and has at times been very poorly... but sometimes she was fine and I have been told it can be quite easily controlled. If your results show that you have this condition, it just means they will closely monitor you and baby until the end of your pregnancy so it may mean weekly trips to the hospital unfortunatley. Ladies with gestational diabetes tend to also have very large babies! I was given a c-section 3 weeks before my due date and Charlie was 9lb, If I had gone full term she would of most definatley have been more.

Try not to worry and let me know your results and I can find out more for you.


posted 9 years 9 months ago
Hey hun! Thanks a lot for your reply Very Happy . I have been told loads of times(when I went 4 my 20 week scan) and when I see midwife that I am goin to have a big baby, so I dont know if its a co-incidence or a sign that I have got diabetes. I feel fine in myself, and bump is behaving himself so im glad about that! Once again, thanks and I will let you know the results-should be on Monday, Sadie xx

posted 9 years 9 months ago
My Aunt had it during her first pregnancy. Her baby wasn't overly big, but he was about a month early and 7.7 (I remember bacause the same as my DD's birthweight LOL).

As far as I can remember, she had to take her blood sugar every day but i can't remember whether she had to take insulin, sorry xx

posted 9 years 8 months ago
Hey! Just thought I wud let you know that my results came back normal Very Happy I must of ate too much chocolate!! Anyway thanks for your support....only 10 weeks to go until Mr Bump exciting!! xx

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