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Surrogacy or not?

posted 1 week 4 days ago
Hello everybody. Kindly lend me your ears on this one. I have been infertile for the past 14 years, due to a problem with my uterus which causes all sperms to die. It has been quite devastating. Even though I have adopted coping strategies, I still feel down. But recently I came to know of a clinic in Ukraine. This clinic has helped plenty of infertile women. Their main approach toward the issue is surrogacy. I am not a big fan of surrogacy. Mainly because it is not in line with my own ethical beliefs. But I am quite eager to become a mother. So in this case, what should I do? And if I go ahead with it, what should I expect? As in how does this process affect you mentally. Do let me know in the comments.

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posted 1 week 4 days ago
Hi Selina, I hope you are doing fine. You are always welcome to ask anything. This forum is like a family. All the women give a wonderful piece of advice. I really felt awful after reading your post. It is really very hard to survive without kids. I hope you have the full support of your husband regarding this matter. Have you discussed this issue with your family? What do they recommend you? I know it can be the stressful thing to not to become a mother. Being a mother is the really difficult task but I am sure it is one of the most beautiful relationships. Yes, I have also heard a lot about that surrogacy clinic in Ukraine. Many of the women on this forum suggested me that clinic. I have searched a lot about that clinic on the internet. So far I have seen only good reviews from people with personal experience. I am very sure it is a safe procedure. The clinic I am going to consult offer free consultation. I will let you know how things turn out for me. I am sure you are going to get breakthrough from all this soon.

posted 1 week 4 days ago
Infertility caused me a huge trouble I feel my entire concentration is diverted. I am time bound to the treatments which apparently have no results. Whatever the reason everyone has behind it simply causes unbearable pain. Doctor did a biopsy for the thin lining of my uterus. Plenty of medications are available for growing it thick. But nothing worked for me so far. The dream of picture-perfect family is vanishing. I am only child of my parents so money was never an issue. But my body didn’t respond to the unlimited treatments I had. Conceiving can be a devastating issue for women. My husband supported me throughout. As I am following forums on daily bases I found out about a few clinics. The one in Ukraine has pretty impressive surrogacy programs. The facilities and services they are providing sound completely reasonable. The process is safe and legal. If anyone know anything else please leave comments here. Thanks

posted 1 week 4 days ago
I have same queries about surrogacy. The feeling after process and ethical concerns as well as medical. The procedure would be safe or not. Is the stimulation part is scary or just normal gynecologist procedure? I didn’t meet anyone personally who have done this process. But surrogacy is only available option right now. Also, I am looking forward for economical one. If you could post some information about the one in Ukraine It will be beneficial for all of us.

posted 1 week 3 days ago
Hi selena! I must say we are fated together. A year ago I was just like you. Literally your words remind me of the time I had back then. My little world of fantasy couldn't have completed if I havent chosen surrogacy at the right time. I had completely lost trust in any hospital since they always gave me red signals. The clinic residing in Ukraine is known to be one of the best so far. I have always seen people showing up with good news. I am mere an example as you can see.

posted 1 week 2 days ago
Hello Salina. It’s good to see a women like you who is not shy of sharing their problems on such forums. As in the beginning I was a bit shy to share your problems publically but when I read posts of other women with such problems I automatically got the courage to do so. You are welcomed here my dear. I believe it is not an easy time span to go through when you cannot have your own children. As a matter of fact every women wants to have a complete family and children are the main part of complete a family. I hope you are coping well with this difficult condition. I also want to tell you my story so you get more relaxed as I am also not able to become a mother. Despite the reason behind it is totally different from yours. I am suffering from a heart disease known as ‘Mitral stenosis’. If I get pregnant with this disease in me I can lose my life. That is why my husband told me to go for its treatment because he says that my life is his first priority no matter what happens. His such a loving and supportive behavior made me very strong. I have been having my treatment for a long time but no success yet. Recently I was searching on the internet for any solution to this and I came across a website of a clinic. It is the same clinic that you have mentioned in your post. I have read the reviews of that people and it seems that the clinic offers the best surrogacy treatment. It has a lot of other advantages including that it is not very expensive as it offers different packages according to the wealth condition of the patients. I will definitely go for it if I don’t have any success in my treatment in this year and I highly recommend you that you should also go for this option. Hope you find my post well. Keep posted. 

posted 1 week 2 days ago
Hey Adney! This is the same thing I was recommending Selina to do. It is really a good fortune me that I have found such a great platform to share my experiences and get help from others. You are doing a great job. I also had the same problem like you. I used to get depressed with the thought of not being able to carry a child. I was not having any solution to my problem and now when I have told it to my family members they are showing some opposition. I regret I should not have shared with them. They have no idea what I am going through. They just through over their opinions without understanding a thing. I hope they agree. I have the right to take my own decisions. It is just that the support of family matters. Much love.

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