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Advice after Miscarriage

posted 3 weeks 4 days ago
Hey guys, it’s now a year since you advised me on ways to prepare myself for conceiving. Your advice was of great help to me .I tried it for the first time and it was very successful.

I got pregnant, but unfortunately lost it on the second week. Since then my husband stopped sharing a bed with me. I don’t know what to do now that he seems to have dropped the blame on me. I’m afraid that he may soon or later sign divorce papers. I’m so stressed I can’t have my meals at peace, I don’t have any one to talk to, this house is kind of hell to me. I therefore, humbly request for your advice on what I should do next. Thank you!

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posted 3 weeks 4 days ago
Hello @ Braxton
I am so sorry about your case. I can feel the pain you are going through at this moment. Don’t forget that everything good or bad that happens has a purpose. God has a reason for everything and he himself shall restore your joy. Have faith in him and pray that he may see you through in this time of problems.
As for your husband, it’s better for the two of you to visit your doctor for clarifications. Many times it is impossible to judge such cases without proper medical check-up. You and your husband should accept the condition and work together in solving it.
I would like you to know that miscarriage come as a result of different factors. At times, it is so hard to diagnose those factors by the use of our naked eyes. However, there are some that can easily be figured out by simply reviewing the life of the victim before the miscarriage.
Your husband needs to understand that some of the causes of the condition may even be as result of his behaviour when he is around you. Therefore, he needs counselling on the same matter. For that reason, it will be of more benefit to visit your doctor and believe in God.

posted 3 weeks 3 days ago
Hello @Braxton
I am very sorry about what you’re going through at the moment. The pain you are going through as a young mother may be unbearable, but all in all you should not lose hope for God always gives a second chance.
Let me assure you that this is not the end of your life and that of your husband. Many have had similar cases, but are now happy because they had faith and never lost hope. Let your faith guide and consider trying to conceive for the second time. I wish you all the best throughout the entire procedure.

posted 3 weeks 1 day ago
Hello hun! I've also had a mc and I'm so sorry you went through this. It was hard to continue TTC and get pregnant again. We can't control much our pregnancy but the most important is to stay positive, avoid stress and care about yourself and your baby. I don't know which advice you want or what you want to hear. I think you should talk to your DH. I understand this is hard for him, but you’re a family, you’re both into the same boat. You should support each other no matter what. If he makes you feel that this’s your fault, something is definitely wrong with his behavior. I wish you good luck!

posted 2 weeks 5 days ago
Hello Braxton! I hope you are fine. I know that you feel lost. Sorry that you haven't got a support from your husband. It's not OK to blame you. You are not fault for miscarriage. Maybe he will change his mind when some time passes by. He is angry and sad to. Try to talk to him. Tell him that you still have a chance to have a baby. It's hard to think about it after miscarriage but it's not everything lost.

posted 2 weeks 5 days ago
My dear, I am so sorry about you. How hard is when you think you are finaly succeed and something like that happens. I understand how you feel. I know that is hard for your husband too. But it's wrong to put the blame on you. Things like that happens for reasons that we cannot understand. I hope he will find strenght and be a support to you. That is what you need now. To be with each other no metter what.

posted 2 weeks 5 days ago
Oh, dear. I’m so sorry you are going through such a difficult moment. Did you try to talk to your husband about this situation? You should discuss the problem to find an appropriate solution. If he still wants to have kids with you, he should support you. It is very important to stay together to go through all these problems.
First of all you should go to your doctor to find out the reason of miscarriage. If there is any treatment, which can help you, you should accept it. Modern medicine offers a lot of possibilities for infertile couples. You can visit any reproduction center, like BioTexCom, for example, to find out what solutions you have. But, again, you should find out the reason of your husband’s behavior. I’m not sure if he really wants to be a father. That’s a bad sign if he doesn’t want to share a bed with you.
May be you should try to go to the psychologist? I heard they can help a lot. It is very hard for a couple to go through a child loss or miscarriage. You should be strong and patient to each other. By he way, stress can be the main reason of the miscarriage and further infertility. Your husband should understand it. During the pregnancy and TTC period you need the most positive atmosphere ever. You have to eat healthy food, walk a lot and think positive. I bet this is not what you were doing. You have to change your lifestyle completely. Give your future baby a chance to be born.
Anyway, you should TTC. But start thinking of other options. Would your husband agree to adopt? We adopted our son 6 years ago and we do not regret. We love him like he is our own baby. Also, we are going to find the surrogate to give birth to our second baby. This service is getting more and more popular. So, as you can see, there are a lot of options for you to choose.

posted 2 weeks 2 days ago
I had an infertility issue. I was hopeless. I almost lose my hope. Every day I spent on Internet. I read about ivf egg donation. I was very interested but this treatman cost a small fortune. I didn't have that money. So I start looking for cheaper ways. I found a clinic in Ukraine. It is a BioTexCom center. I send them an email. For a short while they answered me and give me informations. Me and my husband went there. The doctors are great. They explaind us all about treatment. Then we had all tests done. My husband gave a sperme for analyze and they tested my hormons. I took some medications that helps endometrium grow so the embryos can implant. Everything went well. For all the time we spent there they treat us so well. We stayed at a beautiful apartment with whole service. Even we went home they stayed in contact with us for 12 weeks of my pregnancy. I recommend this clinic to everyone with infertility issue. There you get medical care of the high level for the lowest price compared to similar clinics.

posted 2 weeks 2 days ago
I am sorry about your lost. It’s hard after a miscarriage try to conceive again. I am glad that you didn’t lose hope. And you shouldn’t. I also recommend you a clinic in Ukraine, BioTexCom center. The doctors there are so kind and they have great knowledge. I am sure they will help you. For the lowest price of all similar clinics you will got a great treatment.

posted 2 weeks 17 hours ago
Hi Braxton
Your story is a sad one, but I must encourage you to forge on. I know it was not your fault or your wish to miscarry the baby during the second week. What I think happened is that the embryo failed to attach itself to the uterine wall or the body rejected it due to complications. However, you should talk to your husband. If he loves you, he should start sharing the bed with you. This way you will be guaranteed of another chance. Also, you don’t need to give up on TTC. In fact, you need to step the efforts up, and if you conceive, I recommend that you avoid anything that can make it difficult for the baby to be implanted in the uterine. In fact, as soon as you suspect that you are pregnant, you should avoid extraneous excises or tasks that could lead to another miscarriage. However, if your husband refuses to share a bed with you, you can still rely on a clinic that offers IVF services. Clinks such as biotexcom, have helped single women conceive and I believe you can also benefit from their services. Don’t give up. Keep on trying, and soon God will reward you.

posted 1 week 5 days ago
Hey there! Dont be sad. These misfortunes are part of life. They just make you stronger and stronger. They will help you fight anything that comes on your way. I believe in smiling and dealing. Dont stress yourself. Sit back and relax. Meditate as long as you can. Focus on your diet. It plays a major role for your future offspring. You see may be the primary reason for miscarriage could be in adequate diet. Invest time on yourself and not on wordly things. It will surely help you.

posted 1 week 11 hours ago
Hey, dear, I am really sorry to know about your situation! A miscarriage takes a toll on a person's emotional well being, and I cannot imagine the pain you must have suffered through! Your husband needs to know that there are so many reasons leading to miscarriage, It's not you whom he needs to blame! You both were in this together so you both should support each other through the difficult time as well! Try talking to him and get to some conclusion! He might be willing to try again if you persuade him! Wish you all the luck xx

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