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I am still trying to conceive

posted 1 week 1 day ago
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I had a great life before my marriage. I was like normal people and I was enjoying the everything that came in my way. I would like to change the things which give my days back.
I want to share my experience here. It’s been a 4 year to my marriage. My husband and I started out getting pregnant at the first year of the marriage but everything turned around when we realize that I cannot have a baby.
From that day I have tried many things some of them are femera, gonal f ieu and finally we reached at to the IVf. We started losing our hope. It’s been a three year to my marriage but everything is going to fail. I would like to tell people that it is not going too easy when everything is against you. I only know the things which are matter for me.
I have changed the approach to infertility. I want to get a baby and I really want to feel the way I am feeling from last three years. Have you ever faced the situation when you want to give up but you don’t do?
I am in this situation that I wish that nobody face in their life. There are several drugs that I took to get out of my depression but even though I failed and I really want to change the way people think of it. When you don’t pregnant on your first month it means your evaluation process is going right. I feel everything will be alright again.

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posted 1 day 17 hours ago
I am emphatize with you. Good to hear that you didn't lose hope. Don't give up. You will find solution. I am sure you wont let it go till you did. A God be with you.

posted 1 day 17 hours ago
You cannot go back in time and return the days when you enjoyed your life. It's normal that you lived your life like that. It has nothing to do with your problems today. Don't think that you did something and cause your problem. It just happened. Stay calm and try again, and again.

posted 1 day 17 hours ago
Be brave. I like the last sentence of your post. I am sure you haven't lose hope. And you mustn't. When there is a hope it's easier to wake up in the morning and face the world. It's not easy. It's never easy to face the infertility. Wish you well and wish you suceed.

posted 1 day 17 hours ago
I pray for you. Pray for some courage and lot of strenght to face the infertility. I believe in you. You go through many problems. Don't let them to defeat you. Keep your head up high. And do your best to deal with issue. Send you all my love and good thoughts.

posted 1 day 15 hours ago
Hello, all. I amazed at your strengthen. 2 years ago, my sister was fighting against infertility. Although all depressing things, she fought infertility day after day. She ate healthy and organic food such as vegetables and fruits. Dark leafy greens have a good effect on increasing fertility. Also, she had chosen meat that is grass fed and organic. So, you have to eat foods with folic acid, iron, calcium, and protein. All of these increases your fertility to have successful IVF. Don’t give up until your dream come out. From my side, all best wishes

posted 1 day 13 hours ago
Hello Melisa, it feels really bad to know about your situation and I hope you will be able to get happiness in your life. It is always a good thing to share your problems and experiences with others so that you can get any good advice. Such forums are good platform where you can share your problems and can good advice with other members. I can understand your situation because I also faced such a hard time in my life. Infertility is very common problem these days and many couples are going through such sad situation in life. I know that it is a dream of every lady to get pregnant and you also want to get such happiness in life. I will suggest not to lose hope and happiness due to it because the light is always there in your life. It is very common to feel the problems of stress, anxiety and depression due to this situation in your life. You should not take any kind of drugs to get out of depression and stress because it will only increase your problem. It is very important to face such issues in a proper way. When I was facing the problem of infertility, I also faced situation of depression and stress. I got Good help with regular yoga and meditation. It is always important to stay positive and hopeful towards life. I got good treatment solution in a certified clinic in Ukraine. In this country, you can easily find many certified and reliable infertility clinics. The treatment solutions like IVF, surrogacy and adoption are always there to find help and happiness in life. My blessings are with you, my dear.

posted 23 hours 28 minutes ago
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