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Can't get pregnant

posted 1 week 2 days ago
Hello, everybody. I am 24 and my husband is 34. We've been trying to get pregnant for 2 years. Nothing happened. I visited a lot of doctors, tried different treatments. Doctors say that I'm ok. But the problem is that my husband doesn't want to go to the doctor. He says that he is ok and the problem is with me. But he wants to have a baby as much as I do.
Our relatives are looking for a baby for us. They think that we should adopt. But I want to get pregnant. I want to go through all those pregnancy symptoms. I dream to give birth by myself. I think it is a great pleasure to give birth to your baby. I want to feel him inside my stomach.
I'm tired of this situation. I'm always crying and I feel no support. There are so many married couples with kids in our house. I always cry when I see them walking on the street. I want to have the same. I just want to have a happy family.
What should I do? How can I get pregnant? Is there a chance that the problem is in my husband? I don't know how to take him to the doctor.
There are so many women leaving their babies in hospitals. Why are they doing this? I dream to have a baby but I can't get pregnant. I think it's so unfair. What am I doing wrong?

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posted 1 week 2 days ago
Hello. Don't you think that your husband just doesn't want to have kids? If a man is ready to become a father he will do everything possible to realize it. How come that he doesn't want to go to the hospital. If your doctor said that you are ok, seems that your husband is not ok. You should definitely check it. Why are you torturing your body with useless treatments while your husband is doing nothing? Try to discuss this with him. This is very important.
So called male infertility is getting more and more popular. There's a great chance that you can't get pregnant because of your husband. What if he is just unable to become a father?
Anyway, you still have some options to get a baby. Why don't you want to adopt? It's a great chance to save some baby which was left by his mother. He will not be related to you genetically but you will still become his parents. This is more important than genetics. This is just my opinion.
I have one adopted kid. He is 8 years old now. We adopted him when he was 2. He knows that he was adopted but he still thinks that we are his parents. We love him so much. I'm very glad that we did it. Now we dream about one more kid. I don't know if we will adopt again. We were thinking about surrogacy. It means that the surrogate mother will give birth to our baby. This kid will be genetically related to us. Will let you know as soon as we decide.

posted 1 week 1 day ago
Hi dear. What tests did they do? Probably just checked your hormones to see if they're normal and that you ovulated. I have regular periods and ovulate every month. GP told me everything was fine. I'm sure you won't have my problems and I don't want to scare you but when I was referred to the fertility clinic they found that my left ovary is polycystic, my cervix is tilted and my NK cells are high. Oh and I do get pain around ovulation but this only started after I began taking the metformin. When I researched it all that came up on Google was endometriosis. They've never checked to see if I've got it so I don't know if I do or if I don't. The good news is the natural treatment for PCOS is pretty much the same as for endo - no refined sugars, low carbs etc, no gluten etc.Basically, there might be something else going on. I assume you haven't been referred to the fertility clinic yet? I'd definitely push for a good one like I did before in Ukraine.

posted 1 week 22 hours ago
Hello, dear. Your situation seems not as awful as you imagine. You are just 24 and you have a huge chance to get pregnant. As for me, your main problem is your husband. Before starting some treatment you should ask him to take all the necessary test. I’m sure that if a couple can’t get pregnant there’s a problem with both a wife and a husband. You said that you have already taken all the tests and you are ok. So, why do you need the treatment? It can hurt you if you are healthy. May be you should ask your doctor to talk to your husband.
I agree that it is too early to speak about adoption. First of all you should try all possible methods to get pregnant. I definitely agree that your baby should be genetically related to you and your husband. Especially if it is gonna be your first baby.
Try to find the best fertility clinic and consult different doctors. You need more opinions. Every doctor can make a mistake.
I faced infertility a couple of years ago. I know how hard it is. You are waiting for positive results every single day. But you still get nothing. In this situation you should stay positive. Even if you hear bad news, you should keep trying. Like I did. And I won! I am a mother. I didn’t get pregnant, but it is still my son. He was born by the surrogate mother. But it doesn’t matter for me. I appreciate Ukrainian doctors for their help. They did everything possible to realize our dream.
I wish you could become a happy parent as soon as possible.

posted 1 week 20 hours ago
Hello. I’ve heard a lot of similar stories when I was working in medical center in Ukraine. The problem can be in your age difference. You are 10 years younger than your husband. Both of you can be ok. But you need more time to get pregnant than people of the same age. Anyway, both you and your husband have to pass all possible tests. You have to be sure that you don’t need additional treatments. I’m sure that a qualified doctor will find the reason of your problems.
There are a lot of reproduction centers, which offer a complex treatment for infertile couples. You should use every chance if you really want to become a parent.
First of all find a medical center. Go there together! You have to consult several doctors to make sure that the diagnosis is right. You will have to go through different examinations. Including the compatibility test. It is very important. If everything is ok you will get some recommendations. Also there’s a chance that you will need some treatment.
As for me, adoption is also a great option for you. But you should adopt just in case if there’s no other chance to become a parent. Do everything possible to get your biological kid. You are too young to adopt.
I know some families which have a baby born by the surrogate mother. It can also be a good option for you. If the treatment doesn’t help you can discuss this option with your doctor. In this case the baby will also be related to you. But you will not have to be pregnant. Yes, this is not what you wanted, but… You will realize your main dream. I wish you good luck, whatever you choose.

posted 1 week 12 hours ago
Hello Armani, your situation is in no way an easy one and I am really sorry you are going through such a hard time. Well I dont mean to be disrespectful or rude but I think it may be very possible for your husband to be the cause of this situation. While it is not my intention to point fingers or anything, his behavior does seem quite strange. That being said I have come to know men who are usually in denial with them suffering any kind of infertility. That doesnt mean they dont want to have a child or the such, but their pride as a man cant accept the idea of them being the problem. While it may sound dumb, I think that is something which some men suffer and that could be the reason he is so against of it. In that case I do advise you to seek the help of his mother or father in order to convince him to go and make himself check. If you want to convince him go to the doctor you need help and you need to make it look like is not like you are assuming there is a problem with him. Like the docto is asking for both of them be checked so they can move into the next step in TTC. Something like that. I hope this has helped you.

posted 6 days 19 hours ago
Hello. I’m so sorry you have to go through this situation. But I have some good news for you. This is absolutely normal situation. Almost all men think that they are 100% healthy and the problem is with their woman. I was thinking that I’m infertile for 4 years. My husband also didn’t want to go to the doctor. Then I told him that I want to divorce. He was so scared so he decided to do what I said. After the examination we found out that he is unable to have kids. He was depressed. He looked like his life was over. But I wasn’t going to give up. I found the best doctors and asked them to make one more examination. As a result of different treatments I got pregnant in 1 year. You can show my story to your husband. I’m sure he will change his mind.

posted 5 days 22 hours ago
Hello my friend, I am sorry to hear about your problem and I hope you will find a good solution to your problem at this forum with good advice. It is one of the most wonderful and amazing feeling to get pregnant and every woman has dream to get a beautiful baby. Infertility is one of the common problems these days and many couples are facing this issue. It is a good thing that you have consulted with doctors and found normal health condition. There is the probability that your husband has the problem of infertility and you should convince him to visit health expert for a check up. I know that most of the husbands do not want to face such difficult time in life and your husband is also denying visiting health expert. It can be because of male Ego and you should talk to your family to convince him to visit Dr. male infertility is very common problem these days and many people are facing this problem. It is not a bad thing to have such problem of infertility and he should find services of health expert to get help. The treatment solution of this problem is available all over the world and you can easily find good treatment for your husband in many infertility clinics. He can get help with natural treatment, herbal treatment and medical treatment. It is very important to live a Healthy lifestyle with good nutrition and regular exercise to stay active and fertile. He should take this situation in a positive way and should get help with health expert for infertility treatment. I hope it will work for you and you will be blessed with a beautiful baby.

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