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opting for IVF egg donation

posted 2 months 1 day ago
In the wake of my life, my wish only wish was to get a bouncing baby. I had to marry early so that I enrich my dream with reality. But my good intentions were all brought down by my inability to conceive. The pelvic adhesions that so painfully bit my reproductive organs killed my dream. I was suffering from pelvic infections. My doctor was so determined to bring me to life and help me achieve my dream. I was very disappointed when she diagnosed me with appendicitis. “What type of disease or infection is this?” I inquired. After several scans, the x-ray picture showed some pelvic adhesions. What I could not understand is how to overcome that condition. I couldn’t understand what it was. I was subjected to chemotherapy but to no avail. My husband and I had to seek some more medical attention and procedure. After all that determination, nothing seemed to work. We had even to reschedule the time of conception to almost every day but we ended up disappointed. On doing several pregnancy tests, it gave negative results. Now we are opting for IVF egg donation which we actually are not sure whether we will afford.

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posted 2 months 19 hours ago
Hi gin! I can really feel for you. I know you are struggling a lot so as you can get your own child. Take heart and seek the best procedure. Ivf egg donation can be a very good method if it will be your preference. Still if you are permitted by law, carry on and don't shrink away. As a victim of the same, I went through a traumatic period of lack of siring a child. It was a hectic time for me but eventually I found the solution. I visited the ukranian clinics and found the right procedure. I can vouch you for the same if you won't mind.

posted 1 month 1 week ago
You know what's the hardest thing to deal with? Working super hard and seeing no results. Too bad this is part of our everyday life. People doubting you makes things even worse. In my case at least. Me and my wife tried everything. Still there were dumbshits who came at us and told us this and that. Told us that we should try this and that. It makes you angry so much to think that they see you as a quitter. As somebody who isn't trying hard enough. Do they really think that I haven't thought of surrogacy? Or stuff like that... Sorry for the rent, had to get it off my chest. Anyway, wish you good luck! You;ll need luck a lot.

posted 1 month 1 week ago
Adhesions in most cases prevent the implantation to occur in the uterus. Most ladies suffer this and they tend to live an introvert way of life. These uterine growths are removed through surgery where the lady undergoes a complete operation and until all the cancerous cells are removed. The uterine adhesions can also spread towards the pelvic cavity which if not removed on time, can cause infertility. What I have read from your confession is very motivating and it gives me a reason to smile. Most ladies suffer in silence and don’t like sharing their conditions up to a time of total suffering. Over the course of my young age as a girl of considerable age, I had faced such and it took me a hell lot of time for me to heal. I was done a surgery which aggravated the problem. I had to do meetings and fundraising but all that could not help me in any way to gain my fertility back. But when I joined this forum, I found the way. I was very happy to share my experience with my hubby who was very ready to support me. I had to go to BioTex clinic for the specialized procedure. I was too elated to land there. I had to perform surrogacy as my uterus could not hold the baby. It was not an easy ride though I made it. As I speak am a mother who has a story to tell. You too I know you will succeed in the end.

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