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primary ovarian insufficiency

posted 1 month 4 weeks ago
The worst news that broke was about the experience of the primary ovarian insufficiency. I couldn’t know what that meant but practically I came to learn it the hard way. I had experienced early menopause at the age of thirty. My plan was to conceive at the age of thirty-two and no own would convince me otherwise. I had to clear my education first as I always stuck to the rule, first things first. After different tests were done, nothing amiss could be found in my body. The immunity systems were right in place. Worse of all, I never indulged in smoking and never engaged in any alcohol beverage that would affect my immune system. Little did I know I was suffering from a Turner syndrome. It took the intervention of my colleagues to bring me to life and enjoy it to the fullest. The discouragements that I got first and the mockery could not be tolerated by my ears. It pains and it disturbs to learn that you can’t sire a kid. The doctors were hesitant to narrate to me about my condition. They only gave me follicle stimulating hormones to boost my production of ova. It never worked however much I tried to conceive. I am living a life of regrets and doubts. Will I ever get a baby to be proud of?

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posted 1 month 1 week ago
Ovarian insufficiency I believe is the inability of the ovaries to produce sufficient ova for fertilization. I know you are going through a lot of ups and downs and the pain in your heart is very definite and worrying. What I would like you is patience and believe that the best will ultimately come. In most circumstances, it is always important to share information such as this so that many can learn from it. To me, I have not only learnt something but I will be ready to share my sentiments too. Over the course of my life, I was unable to produce enough ova for fertilization to take place. Through ivf at BioTex clinic in Ukraine, I was able to stand back again. I can really vouch for them and I am very happy. I went through ups and downs and later on in my life, I was able to stand strong. Never again feel worried-just share all your confessions here. In this regard, I would be very glad to learn more from you. I know sometimes a lady loses her senses and the self-esteem goes so down. She feels laughed off by the populace around them and it often deters her pursuit to fertility treatment. So never feel desperate at all cost. Be strong and visit the clinic and I am very sure you will never regret. Thank you very much and I know our confessions will help us greatly. Success!

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