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The endometrial cells and adhesions

posted 2 months 1 day ago
The endometrial cells and adhesions that grew outside my uterus almost deemed me infertile. The joy of every lady is celebrating the birthday of her own baby. But to me, it was a dream that would never come to pass. My uterus was so constricted with abnormal tissue which almost killed me. The tinge of pain that emanated from the bottom of my lower abdomen was in excess that I had to keep low all the time. I always looked like a person suffering from the most devastating cold on earth. In the event my husband asked me what was not in order, I never got the courage to narrate it to him. Even himself could not come to terms with all that. I knew too well what was ailing me but I could not disclose for fear of being divorced. But on one fateful day, he asked me to accompany him to the hospital for checkups. I could always resist like I knew what was waiting for me. He was so disappointed after all his attempts to make us conceive never came to fruition. After several scans were done and saw what the doctor would jot in the hospital card, I fainted on the spot. I had to undergo a major surgery to remove the adhesions. I couldn’t believe neither my husband could be able to do it. What made me crazy was the fact that I could not get pregnant. I am undergoing very hard times of infertility and seclusion and I don’t have an idea of what to do.

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posted 1 month 1 week ago
First, let me thank you for sharing that information here in this forum. I am very happy and glad for the very many people you have helped. I am excited and feel a sense of ownership from your confession. Sharing such information in such a forum rarely occurs and many people don’t like doing it at all. I am feeling quite elated and motivated to share my condition too. And I am very certain that you will come to a conclusive answer. Never worry so much about the endometrial cells in your uterus. Through surgery, they can be removed and the uterus can be freed from any impediment that prevents it from implantation. So, I would advise you to first seek the medical attention and make sure the cells are completely removed completely. Then from that point henceforth, test whether you will be in a position to conceive. I know it can take a little bit of time but I would encourage you never to lose hope on that. Continue trying to conceive and I know you will finally succeed. In most cases, you will find that conception fails completely. What I would advise you is to visit BioTex clinic for surrogacy and you won’t regret. Their procedures are legalized and hence there should be no cause for alarm. I definitely know the cost effectiveness will be a good gear in making you have a lot of confidence in them.

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