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advice on my infertility

posted 1 month 4 days ago
Hi, everyone! I am here in this forum to seek advice on my infertility. I lived on a healthy lifestyle and later on decided to shift and change diet. Little did I know I was messing with my metabolism. In my body development, I started experiencing excessive hair growth in all parts of my body. I was in a mix of confusion. When I went for checkups, I was advised to do exercises every day. I obliged and did like what I was asked to do. This didn’t help at all and I decided to experience irregular periods. Nothing seemed to work whatsoever. At this time, I decided to do lifestyle modifications to ease the problem. This one worked but still, it could not solve my problem. My body could not hold a child and the conditions of my health could not allow it to. So, I opted to go for IVF egg donation. The procedure is so expensive that I couldn’t afford. I had to give up and just try my luck to conceive. If anyone in this forum has an idea on how they can advise me to do I will highly appreciate. I don’t want to live in desperation anymore.

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posted 3 weeks 5 days ago
I am glad that you have shared your condition here. Since I joined this forum, I have learnt a lot and you too can. Having been unable to get a child of my own, I decided to join this forum. It is in this forum that I have learnt about Ukrainian clinics. I have heard they are the best. I have opted for IVF in one of the clinics. I have even booked for a visa and i am ready with a passport. I wish you too can join me. The confidence and confessions that I can read on this forum is a clear picture of how good these clinics they are. Especially there is one by the name BioTex. I will have to try it and I am very confident I will be fertile once again.

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