Can the age after 35 years affect fertility? Due to a prolonged delay of marrying and conceiving, I came to regret later. Right now, I am in a mess of thoughts without an iota of idea what I would do. I wasted myself with the little childhood escapades that blinded me from reality. At the age of twenty-eight years, I could not master the tranquillity of marriage neither was I interested in anything that will disrupt my normal single life. I forgot the idea that the more I grew older the more my fertility was declining. It was not lost on me when I tried to conceive at that age but due to the heavy indulgence of pills, I couldn’t conceive. I intended to get a baby of myself and be happy later on in life. But it didn’t happen. I had mixed feelings to give up and do tubal legation and forget about siring a child. The conscience and guilt put me off and I could not try to do it. I was desperate to get a child but my age was advancing at a very high rate. After a thorough consultation, I decided to go for check up. Nothing amiss was found but my ovaries and uterus were all in order. The main problem was that at such an age, the ovaries were unable to produce quality eggs. The eggs could not be fertilised by sperms. I am living desperately and I would prefer IVF egg donation to the tubal legation. I would request those in the forum to help me to end my wait and desperation.