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Dilemma of getting a child

posted 2 months 1 week ago
I am in a dilemma about what to do to get a baby. I started smoking very early in my life and never thought it would damage my capability to get pregnant. Now I am living a life of regret and shame. Anytime I sit by myself, I always wonder where I can get the right procedure for me to become pregnant. All my friends have progressed and they have babies whereas myself I am just pitiful of my condition. The first time I got pregnant, I got a miscarriage. This time I was a chain smoker oblivious of anything bad that could have happened to me. All my blood vessels were filled with tar that prevented blood from flowing to the ovaries and uterus. So, I had to worry about myself. My life was in a crisis. On visiting the medic several times, I was always advised to stop smoking but I hesitated. I went on and the time that I conceived, the ova after fertilisation in the fallopian tube didn’t move to the uterus. I had an ectopic pregnancy. It was so painful that I hated any other thing like conception. Till today, I am still looking for the right and safe method for getting a baby. I have almost gone around my country and in everywhere I go, I find the process too expensive. I have opted for IVF egg donation and I am looking at a place where it is not too expensive like in my country.

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posted 2 months 5 days ago
well Ukraine is a good option, Choosing Ukraine as the destination country for your egg donation or surrogacy program you need to be sure you are making the right decision. Ukraine is the European country. This is true not only when you think of geographical position and comfortable travel options, but what is the most important is that mentality of people is very similar and easily understandable for most of European and American patients.

posted 2 months 1 hour ago
Thanks saurab015 for opening my eyes. I would be glad to attend these clinics in Ukraine if they are cost friendly. My colleague told me that Ukrainian clinics are the best as far as ivf is concerned. I am not sure how true it is. I am really struggling to meet the huge bills and fees that I am incurring in my country. I won't mind to travel if I am guaranteed a successful process. My heart is paining and I need a lot of advice and encouragement. My main objective is to get a child of my own. If what I can read in this forum is true, I can vouch for Ukrainian clinics.

posted 1 month 1 week ago
Hello to you. I am very sorry for what you're going through! I wish there was something I could do. It breaks my heart to know that good people suffer too. At least you got a valuable lesson out of this! Smoking is bad. It costed you a lot to learn this i guess. Anyways try to remain positive. Theres still hope for you. As long as the doctors have said that you can go for IVF. Maybe this will help. I really hope that's the case. Anwyays even if the worst comes... You know what? Don't even think about that. It wont come there. Keep being positive and positive things will happen.

posted 4 weeks 1 day ago
I am sorry to hear about your situation. I also do share your story. I have been smoking too long too. I have recently quit and my mental health has improved because of it. I am not really certain on the places for surrogacy.

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