Hello, my husband and I been trying for around 6 months to have a baby. I prepared my body and we tried quite a lot in this last year. I really though I would be pregnant by this moment so I can help but think there is something wrong with me. Is hard to talk this with my husband as he is the sweetest guy you could ever imagine. Even when he was the most excited by the idea of having a baby he has been very patient with me. Everytime we see a failed test he just smiles at me and tell me “This things take time.”

Im really concerned about what is about to happen. I been using BBT every morning and to keep a check on my cycle and time intercourse with my husband. Until now all of that had been for naught and so I talked with my husband and told him we should try to see an specialist. He kept his calm demeanor and make the appointment while keep reassuring me all would be okay. But cant help but think the worse, I know he is being strong for me and I give god thanks for that but seeing him try so hard to make me feel better also makes me feel really guilty about it. Because I know that he must feel as concerned as me about this situation but he keeps it all inside to not worry me.
The appointment was a few days ago and we are now waiting for my results. Since the last few days I been unable to relax at all and I can only imagine the doctor giving us bad news. I ask to anyone who ever was in such a similar situation. Should I really be that worried? Are the chances of bad news really high or maybe Im been so stressed about this whole issue that I, myself, been making it harder for us to have a baby.