Hello ladies,
i have seen many of us lament over failure to get pregnant.Ever heard of the intrauterine insemination? This is a delicate process through which a doctor inserts the sperm into the uterus and induces fertilization.
Though it is used for treating certain cases of infertility, it may come with its own fair share of challenges. Some women have unreceptive uterine mucus that do not allow the sperm to swim on them.
Because some male sperms do not have the energy to travel through the ovarian tract, this method is suited if both of you are normal yet you have not conceived.
Though painful and has varied side effects, it may seem to be the only option to break through the problems women with unreceptive uterine mucus go through.

as we are told, testing may be an ideal component to ascertain your fertility, you can opt for this if you have such cases to unlock your womb.