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How polluted environment caused my infertility

posted 2 months 2 weeks ago
After getting the first baby, I didn’t have complications. The baby who is now two years old is fine and progressing well. At that particular time, I was blessed with the baby, I was working at a bank. I was totally happy and there was no stress of work. The environment was conducive and it offered me time to kick back and tender my unborn baby. I felt awesome up to the time I gave birth to a very strong baby. Hell broke loose when I shifted work and started working in a manufacturing company. Though paying so well to an extent of my happiness, the air was always contaminated. The billows of air which was a mixture of toxic gas and chemicals polluted the environment. I tried to use the gas masks but it never bore fruits. Out of my naivety, I was enjoying the good pay and I didn’t take into account contaminated air full of toxic gases can really affect my reproduction. When the time came to get my second baby, it never worked. I tried to conceive but to no avail. After visiting the medical doctor for the second time, he confirmed to me that I couldn’t sire a baby. I found it so horrendous like a movie. Some toxic substances had contaminated my blood and the ovaries couldn’t produce viable ova. The uterus was very much in order and could easily hold the baby. Despite all that I opted for the second option. And that was to try IVF egg donation. Everywhere I went it was expensive. What should I do and I want a second baby?

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posted 2 months 1 week ago
The toxicity of the environment is very detrimental and can actually affect the chemical composition of the cells. The cells may develop some complications which are transmuted to the reproductive organs. Upon getting to the ovarian cells, the growth of the ova is hindered leading to late or no ovulation. All that you have been going through should not worry you at all. There is a treatment for it and at a fair price. You will also receive instant treatment form well-endowed professionals who are very adept in IVF egg donation. The hospitable environment that you will be kept in quickens the recovery and you get home with your baby so happily. There is no cause for alarm as at BioTex clinic you are guaranteed for success.

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