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Can one advise me on what to do with my hubby infertility?

posted 2 months 2 weeks ago
My hubby was an alcoholic. The extent at which it would cause infertility I couldn’t understand. After marrying him, he used not to take much alcohol. We got our first-born son. One year later, we decided we try our luck and get another child. No conception happened. It was an issue of blame game till I decided to seek medical attention. I saw the doctor first when he was very unaware. To my surprise, I was very healthy. Again, we tried to conceive but we couldn’t. we had to divorce for a while as we internalise who might be having the problem. For reconciliation and elimination of doubt, we decided to visit the doctor. The doctor would be the mediator through clinical tests for both of us. Specimens of cervical mucous and semen were taken for further analysis. I was gasping for breath because if I was the one who could be having the problem, I would be guilty and my husband would divorce me. I never worried. When the doctor started announcing our results to both us, I couldn’t believe. My husband couldn’t believe too. It was him who had the problem. The alcohol had interfered with his sperm development. We are now confused what we should do and I want to get my own baby and still, I don’t want to divorce him. Please advise!

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posted 2 months 1 week ago
hello gar,
i really feel for you on this one. though the sperm development could have been affected, there is still hope through nutrition and good healthcare. is it a case of non obstructive azoospermia or the obstructive one? or is it a case of merely low sperm count.
the non obstructive azoospermia can be treated with the help of hormone infusion and guidance over time. the obstructive azoospermia may be a hard case though. low sperm count can be improved through eating foods rich in vitamins like oyster shells. it may be wise to visit a genetic specialist dealing with fertility. one such expert may be found in Ukraine may be the biotexcom specialists and the others spread in the city. let me hope you will get help eventually.

posted 2 months 1 week ago
1. Despite the birth defects that are incurred from alcohol, a woman can still survive. It also happens in men where the sperm is harmed by the intake of excess alcohol in some cases. As a result, the sperm development can be hampered leading to infertility. Your husband’s case is a touching story since you were so expectant of conception. But all is not lost as you can still get sperm donation. I am certain you are aware of BioTex clinic. In this clinic, you can get the best services ever and sperms can be donated to you upon your husband’s consent. The specialized doctors in the clinic will offer you the best specialized treatment you ever yearned for. You will also succeed at 100% with no anomalies whatsoever.

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