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Tumours in my uterus led to my infertility

posted 2 months 2 weeks ago
At twenty-seven years old, I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t give birth. After several scans, it was found that I had some tumours in the uterus. I didn’t know the cause. I was young and far from reaching menopause. It was one day when I made a decision to go and see a doctor. Several scans were done and surely it was the fibroid tumours that were in my uterus. The fetus couldn’t attach itself. Through transvaginal ultrasound, I thought the condition would end. I was very hopeful that I will heal and get back to getting my own children. This time I experienced longer periods and lower pelvic pain. I was shocked beyond a reasonable doubt and had to coax the physician to hasten the medication. A hysteroscopy was done. An articulate visual examination was done to my cervix canal but the effects of fibroids this time were being suppressed. From x-ray to x-ray nothing could arise. It was so stressing and very demotivating. I was just given anti-inflammatory painkillers to ease the occasional pelvic pain and discomfort. After all those treatments, I became well after all. However, I couldn’t conceive as my ovaries were scarred from the many scans that had been done. I am now suffering as even the means of treatment are too expensive for me.

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posted 2 months 1 week ago
hi toy,
i believe there is still hope for you to conceive. in spite of the costs, you can still convince your Hun to go for the numerous surrogacy options that people go for in Ukraine or elsewhere. opting for artificial insemination can also help eliminate the failure to get pregnant.
i only don't know the expert you are visiting but i have had such cases, even me i had to TTC for several; years before i got helped by on clinic in Kiev. biotexcom as i interacted with them have fair rates that can work for you. because of their flexible rates, better offers on accommodation and travel through out your visit, you may find the costs lower. please explore the options of IVF and surrogacy available in the various clinics. good luck.

posted 2 months 1 week ago
1. Your suffering won’t last forever and you will rise again. At a friendly cost, you can get the right treatment at BioTex clinic. This a clinic with all high-tech professionals experienced with IVF egg donation. You don’t have to fear legalization. At this clinic, you will be provided with legalized documents accompanied with your baby. The place of residence is magnificent with up to date facilities required for your stay there. Many people have also passed through there and they have enjoyed a hundred percent success. What’s more, if premature birth occurs in the process, you are guaranteed free medical checkups, procedures and medication.

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