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Endometriosis jammed my brakes to become fertile again

posted 2 months 2 weeks ago
Can someone advise me on how to conceive and get my own baby! After fighting endometriosis for quite some time, I ended up infertile. I could not sire my own kid. My uterine walls were covered with a growth which totally loosened my chances of getting pregnant. The endometrium spread in the abdomen, fallopian tubes and the ovaries. I was so worried and never knew what to do next. Through diagnostic laparoscopy, a positive result was made. The physical view of my uterus and the pelvic view was clearly seen. The growth was so excessive that the heavy pain and the cramps I experienced seemed to end my life. After visiting my medical physician for an almost twentieth time, I was diagnosed with rectal bleeding and premenstrual spotting. The worst case happened when I was diagnosed and the doctor told me that I can’t conceive. I was infertile and that was what endometriosis had done to me. On realising that, I started seeking more medical and frequent attention. I was never imagining my life being infertile. On asking my friends on what to do next, they always misled me. But later on, my colleague, who is a medical doctor instructed me to go for an IVF egg donation. It was so expensive and couldn’t afford the medical fee. I am now in a fix what to do next.

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posted 2 months 1 week ago
one thing is for sure, there is no indefinite infertility as i came to learn when i visited Ukraine. though some of the fertility strategies that work exist, some countries do not have laws that favor their use.
several couples have gotten help over there with little difficulty. moreover, if you go to biotexcom clinic in central Kiev, you can get better rates on travel and accommodation as well.
IVF works but with the persistent trials here, you can be sure that you will come back smiling as it happened to me. never lose hope, just take your chance and see the results. GOOD LUCK!

posted 2 months 1 week ago
1. Endometriosis is accompanied by heavy pain in the pelvic cavity. Not all the time the symptoms can clearly be noticed. Through diagnostic laparoscopy, you can still survive the pain of lack of a child. But the infertility is easily treatable. It should not worry you at all. Through implantation in the uterus, the child can easily develop and give birth to a healthy baby. You can easily get all this at BioTex clinic. At the clinic, you will find specialized doctors to do IVF egg donation. The cost of operation is friendly and you can easily afford. With BioTex clinic, you have a 100% confidence of success.

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