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I never knew the cause of my infertility

posted 2 months 2 weeks ago
No one knew where the problem of infertility came from. Even the doctors could not understand. After several checkups, everyone considered me infertile. I always used the trial and error method of conception but none worked. After visiting several clinics, I was always diagnosed with the wrong cause. Every other doctor purported it was a fibroid tumour. But nothing of the sort was true. Visiting a gynaecologist and examining my uterus properly, it was established it had some defects. Notwithstanding the pain of having a false promise of siring a child, I actually gave up and lost hope with life. The condition could not be treatable. If it were, I would only be subjected to analysis and critical checkups to avert any pregnancy abnormality. When everyone found any other way, I decided to conceive and it worked normally. The growth of the child was very abnormal and I underwent a miscarriage. Surely enough I was so discouraged and opted to live without a kid. But my conscience was speaking to me not to opt for that. I decided to visit a clinician and was advised to undergo an IVF egg donation. I jumped out of my feet and was very terrified. I couldn’t master the courage to admit as my condition was later learnt it was a congenital defect. I am now living in tenterhooks what I should do next.

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posted 2 months 1 week ago
hi mummy,
i really feel your case. most women ubndergo such experiences beyond their scope. for starters, those with congenital disorders that are genetic in nature can still have babies but under the careful watch of a clinician.
for a fact, IVF can be quite effective in handling this and giving you the solution of finally becoming a mother. as it has been proven, you can have a baby. what usually matters is the choice of the clinic you want to have the IVF done.
there are some good clinics globally, especially in Ukraine because of their favorable laws. maybe you can visit the biotexcom clinic i went to for my ovulation solutions and see if you can get help.
don't lose hope, life is about trying and maybe you will hit it at the point of falling. good luck

posted 2 months 1 week ago
1 No need to worry and live in dilemma. There are very many ways for regaining your womanhood. With the many challenges that you have been going through, you will mend your soul and enjoy happily thereof. You have also motivated many in this forum including myself. Such a condition can be treated by specialized doctors with a lot of professional expertise. If you won’t mind, I can direct you to a clinic with modern facilities with all you need to arise again. The cost for IVF egg donation is cheap and you can easily afford. You also don’t have to fear as the whole process will be accompanied by the legalized documents. The clinic is BioTex clinic.

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