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Gave up after ectopic pregnancy

posted 2 months 2 weeks ago
How can one get pregnant again after experiencing ectopic pregnancy? It is a question that lingers in my mind from the painful situation that I found myself in. Fertilisation had occurred in my fallopian tubes. It started with a slight itch that I never took seriously. As the pregnancy grew, the itch translated to pain. Little by little did the pain grow. I was worried beyond a reasonable doubt. I was stressed and in total confusion. As days progressed, the pain grew this time so intense that I was unable to bend low. Without hesitation, I decided to visit a medical physician for advice. I was totally in stress when it was found that the pregnancy was growing almost to the left side of the abdomen. It was going to be an emergency case. The doctors called the ward attendants and I have whisked away for a scan. What I took lightly came to be a mountainous thing. I had to be done a scan. Immediately it was done, it was established that I had an ectopic pregnancy. The fetus had grown in the fallopian tube leading to its permanent blockage. I underwent surgery and from that time I have never conceived. What should I do now?

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posted 2 months 1 week ago
my dear,
i have learnt through life that giving up on hope is not ideal. your case looks sad but there is still lots of hope for you. you cannot fail to have a solution in spite of the blockage of the Fallopian tube.

one option most of the women with such a problem opt for is the use of IVF. IVF has helped many couples get children in spite of the few underlying moral facts.

getting where it can be done could be the biggest problem. however, since several clinics in Ukraine have been cited to have the facility, you may contact a few to see what they can do for you.

in my case, i was sorted at a clinic run by the biotexcom group which i have since found to be rather ideal for couples. the service and the understanding of the doctors here is quite over the bar.

another option you can look for is the use of artificial insemination that can help you but seems rather painful can help get you pregnant again. good luck and hopping to hear from you.

posted 2 months 1 week ago
Am feeling so sorry for you. I know you will regain your normal self again. There is always hope and you will still get your own baby with painless effort. I am also thankful because your uterus is still intact. Through BioTex clinic you can be able to undergo a cost friendly operation and get your own baby. With no hustles, you will be able to meet a group of specialized doctors who are adept in their tasks. Above all, you are also guaranteed a full hundred percent success rate. No worries whatsoever as the process is legalized.

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