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Almost about to give up on conception

posted 2 months 2 weeks ago
Should I give up on conception? That is a question that lingers in my mind without no promising answer whatsoever. My abdominal cavity had been inflamed and didn’t understand how it could correlate with my fertility. After several checkups, I was told I was suffering from appendicitis. “what conditions is this doc?” I enquired. I was surprised to the bone as my dreams of conception were all shattered. My husband and I decided to try to conceive, actually almost every day. But after all those trials and errors nothing happened. It was a very hectic and hard time for us. Everywhere we went we were just a laughing stock of sorts. When we found nothing is ready to give, we decided to visit an experienced gynaecologist. Further examination showed my fallopian tubes had blocked. An easy way out was an egg donation. No one knew what it was. My husband was surprised and we had to confirm between me and him who had the problem. When he learned I was the one, we decided and agreed to opt for egg donation. It was too expensive and gave up the chase of conception. Till now, my husband and I are in a dilemma on the next course of action.

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posted 2 months 1 week ago
you are not alone in this, all of us are and we feel the pain you go through. egg donations can be quite challenging as in a number of instances they are overcharged and outlawed in some countries.
while at that, there are countries that still have favorable laws that allow for people to have surrogacy, ivf ans icsi at relatively low costs. one such destination is Ukraine. have you tried it here?
maybe you should give it a try. i had gone from clinic to clinic till i arrived in Kiev. here i found several clinics that offer these services. in some instances, issues of birth may be distressful and you have to put up with a lot.
however, i found my bit, the biotexcom run clinic came to my aid. i found many couple with problems like yours and all came out of the place smiling. you can try Kiev and see if you have your bit.
good luck.

posted 2 months 1 week ago
Hi Mag,
Do not worry too much. Just heed to my suggestion. Visit Biotexcom and they will surely find a way out for you. All the Best!!

posted 2 months 1 week ago
1. Inflammation of the abdominal cavity is a condition that is treatable. Through a specialized team of doctors, you can still get your own baby. I am so glad about what I am reading as it gives me an inner motivation. Your condition can easily be rectified at BioTex clinic. Are you aware of it? At BioTex clinic, you get the quality treatment from quality and qualified doctors. The magnificent hotels with the best interior décor give you the best motivation to rise again. At BioTex clinic, the guarantee of success stands at almost one hundred percent. The hospitable staff gives you the motivation and the comfort you deserve. Above all the whole process is cost friendly.

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