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Can bacterial infection cause infertility

posted 2 months 2 weeks ago
In the mid-thirties, I felt I was very late to sire my own kid. Even to date, I couldn’t understand the cause of my infertility. I only decided to seek medical checkups which surprisingly gave positive results. I was attacked by some bacteria and virus in my birth canal. The medication that I was given could not end these microorganisms. My life was hanging in the balance. After taking more antibiotics, they almost wiped all these bacteria and viruses. But little did I know they had already done the damage. Anytime I decide to conceive, the sperms were inhabited by these microorganisms and this would leave me in deep anguish and worry. No doctor found the correct treatment but after taking more antibiotics all the traces were eliminated. The main problem was that I couldn’t get a kid. All my ovaries were destroyed by these bacteria. When I decided for an alternative way of conception, the doctor advised me for an egg donation. At first, I felt unease but later accepted. Little did I know it was too much expensive. I couldn’t afford and even my husband too. Our meagre salaries couldn’t be enough for our operation and IVF. So, we are in a state of desperation wondering where we could get funds for our treatment and I sire my own kid.

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posted 2 months 1 week ago
1. I am very glad that you have spoken about your problem. In this forum, different people share their ideas and get results and guidance. Having been through the ups and downs of the virus and bacterial infections, you will still stand on your feet again. I can give you an example of a clinic called BioTex clinic where results and all cases of infertility are overcome. In this clinic, you undergo a legalized process of egg donation from a specialized group of medical staff. The staff there are very hospitable and you go home with a baby. In the case of premature birth, you don’t have to worry as all the expenses are catered for. The serene environment of the hotels where you stay during your time at BioTex is awesome.

posted 2 months 1 hour ago
Thank you very much gar for sharing that with me. You have really encouraged me and I appreciate that a lot. I was not very sure of BioTex clinic but through the various confessions that I have read in this forum I can go for it. I know bacterial infections almost ruined my life till I was broken into pieces and couldn't tell anything apart. I am now confident and I will think about it. I have been in Ukraine and I have learnt that the Ukrainian clinics are the best. I can't wait to get there soon. I know the suffering and anguish of my inability to get a kid will be come by soon. Anyway I am glad.

posted 1 month 4 weeks ago
Welcome! and I’m glad you have found some valuable advice. One thing is clear; I also went there and found the place quite appealing. At my fist instance, I though I was going to a place with so many horrible things happening.
I just finished my checks and having been confirmed pregnant after years of painful cries is rather a joyous moment. I feel like sharing my joy with anyone who cares. My salvation and discovery of this clinic was on a forum like this where my friend belonged.
As it is, you have nothing to lose, there is no absolute infertility and specialists in the clinic will attest to that. Go for it!

posted 3 weeks 2 days ago
Welcome sister at this reliable platform. I am totally surprised to see your problem is similar to my problem. I also face bacterial infection and suffer infertility problem in my life. I want to suggest you to handle this horrible situation with positive thinking and positive affirmation. You can read positive thinking books to enhance positivity in yourself. It is very difficult task to skip stress and depression due to bacterial infection and infertility problem in your life. You should give importance to reduce stress and depression from your body and mind in proper way. You can choose easy yoga and meditation to reduce harmful effect of stress and depression in this horrible situation. We try each and every effective method but not succeed. I want to express kind heart thanks to God to understand my problem and help me to defeat infertility problem in my life. I am here for you to help you to overcome this horrible situation in your life on behalf of my personal life experience.
It is good idea to make proper planning to defeat in bacterial infection and handle and fertility problem in professional way. You should not underestimate the power of balanced diet. You should give importance to healthy balanced diet. It is very important to understand each and every signal of your body to handle all type of problem during pregnancy at early stage. We consult with popular gynecologist to get permanent solution of my problem. You can choose IVF test tube baby treatment that has high success rate and capacity to handle all type of problem in professional way. You got a real value of time and money with healthy baby gift in your life like me.

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