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Is There Reason Why You Need to Learn the Ovulation Cycle?

posted 3 months 3 weeks ago
Most women nowadays try all manner of strategies to get pregnant. It is not uncommon to find a number of them seeking for advice on the best ways to go about this. While some tips may be genuine, there are chances of misplaced advice as well.
On one of the forums, I was intrigued by the concern of most ladies regarding trying to be pregnant. One of the ladies shared a sad story of what she had to undergo to be pregnant. In fact, some get to great lengths, even being on an unusual diet.
However, what most women have not come to realize is the fundamentals of getting the ovulation cycle right. There are specific days that a woman can get pregnant. It is as simple as just learning your body cycle.
According to many fertility experts, the fertility window comprises of six days when the sperm and the ovum can meet to fertilize. Intercourse at the point of ovulation is important if one is actually to get pregnant. What is your take?

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posted 3 months 2 weeks ago
hi frida, nice to meet you and learn from you. i have had the same problem but luckily got helped in Ukraine. there is a clinic in Kiev which is run by specialists where i got help. to be precise biotexcom in Kiev.
the information i got from them, even before i paid them a visit was enough to set me on solving my ovulation problem. as a matter of fact, non ovulation can at times be an impediment to TTC.
though the knowledge of the ovulation cycle then becomes important, other tests like the health of the man you date and the sperm count can also be determinants. otherwise if you are both fine, learning the ovulation cycle can help speed up the process of pregnancy.
do not lose hope, there are clinics like the one mentioned that do not agree to the absoluteness of infertility. happy marriage.

posted 3 months 1 week ago
Can you send your friend to Ukraine? there are so many clinics there but of note is the biotexcom where i got help. good day.

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