I have an 11 year old son with Autism.

He is quite passive (sometimes people have described him as this). He is also very verbal and will just keep talking over about a subject of interest even if it is not in context with what people are talking about.

Also, my son is very sociable but does struggle with social ettiquite and is very naive (kids will be laughing at him because of the way he is and he sort of thinks it because they think hes funny....doesnt think they are being mean if you can understand what I am getting at). Its getting harder with him getting older and I worry for him all the time. Also, he has no road safety awareness/stranger danger awareness and cannot go out and about alone. He will talk to absolutely anyone and always does when we are out. Its really nice but worrysome.

He also has what I describe as quirks, he goes through phases of them. At the moment hes barking and banging his arms together when walking around. Awhile ago it was screeching.

He has a Sensory Diet from the OT to help as he has some sensory issues which was identified and I am waiting to go on a sensory course...which could be a very long wait I was informed.

He is in mainstream school with support, I am not sure he will cope with high school but we are trying it out.

It would take me forever to totally describe him so I have just put a little snapshot in.

Anybody else with ASD children????