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Tips and advice about parenting of children aged 3+

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Alexchildren's birthdays
started by Alex - 1, 2
30 1 year ago
by Myly
Topics Replies Last Reply
geyI am a parent with a lot of guilt
started by gey
1 2 weeks ago
by mik
sawDisregarded parents advice and friends messed me
started by saw
1 2 weeks ago
by mag
garParents feared to counsel me on sex life
started by gar
1 2 weeks ago
by kim9
magDiscipline bore fruits
started by mag
1 2 weeks ago
by gey
mumyBehavioral change
started by mumy
1 2 weeks ago
by kim9
wanFamily instability in messed my daughter
started by wan
1 2 weeks ago
by saw
toyStressed my parents with drugs
started by toy
1 2 weeks ago
by mik
ginConvincing parents and teachers changed my criminal behavior
started by gin
1 2 weeks ago
by toy
mikInfuriated mummy and negative peer influence made me fail
started by mik
0 2 weeks ago
by mik
kim9Poor parenting obsessed me with books
started by kim9
0 2 weeks ago
by kim9
tina122321youtube videos, harmful or harmless?
started by tina122321
13 2 weeks ago
by The_GNG
veraklinterested moms to participate in a study
started by verakl
0 1 month ago
by verakl
Sathyagood touch and bad touch
started by Sathya
0 1 month ago
by Sathya
MariaCFairy Dalia books for moms and kids
started by MariaC
0 1 month ago
by MariaC
PinsudaPreschool children and iPad?
started by Pinsuda
0 1 month ago
by Pinsuda
JambermushWhat appears to be a hidden tongue frenulum
started by Jambermush
0 1 month ago
by Jambermush
LilacwingsReally struggling with our 5 year old daughters behaviour.
started by Lilacwings
11 2 months ago
by sugarnspice
charlsanTeacher refused to let daughter go to the toilet
started by charlsan
0 2 months ago
by charlsan
joeytheflashA Good Free Math App for Kids
started by joeytheflash
0 2 months ago
by joeytheflash
jisoowhat thermometer do you use?
started by jisoo
2 2 months ago
by MMartell
JessicaC306Appropriate vitamins for a six year old boy.
started by JessicaC306
1 2 months ago
by sugarnspice
JessicaC306First Aid of high fever
started by JessicaC306
0 3 months ago
by JessicaC306
BarbieDollDo you sleep in the same bed as your children?
started by BarbieDoll
18 3 months ago
by HeideRobita
darkchildOverweight Babies
started by darkchild
1 3 months ago
by Fabbu
skying14Take us back to safety
started by skying14
0 3 months ago
by skying14
rafiu19Is this unreasonable?
started by rafiu19
0 4 months ago
by rafiu19
emma_008Research study - Parents with a child aged 5-12 needed!
started by emma_008
0 5 months ago
by emma_008
Sammypea1983Words said when upset
started by Sammypea1983
0 5 months ago
by Sammypea1983
emzy_lou271hopeless father
started by emzy_lou271
0 6 months ago
by emzy_lou271
Bigdaddy83Help me I'm at the end of my tether
started by Bigdaddy83
0 6 months ago
by Bigdaddy83
BarbieDollDo you control food intake?
started by BarbieDoll
9 7 months ago
by sugarnspice
Mickeyp25Child shut down and not eating and just sleeping
started by Mickeyp25
0 7 months ago
by Mickeyp25
Lou87Morning everyone, I need help on Christmas present ideas.
started by Lou87
0 8 months ago
by Lou87
unistudentLooking for parents of 3 to complete a survey for university
started by unistudent
0 8 months ago
by unistudent
GrumpyDadContention PArenting
started by GrumpyDad
0 9 months ago
by GrumpyDad
AmyKSurvey - Parental Involvement
started by AmyK
0 1 year ago
by AmyK
Amelia88Is adoption something anyone has considered?
started by Amelia88
0 1 year ago
by Amelia88
kaka135Kid waking up in the middle of the night
started by kaka135
6 1 year ago
by Amelia88
darkchildPermitting other Parents Spank your Kids
started by darkchild
16 1 year ago
by kaka135
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