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General chat and advice about pregnancy

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mummyheathBirth Storys
started by mummyheath - 1, 2, 3, 4
63 1 year ago
by thash1979
BeckyDue date thread
started by Becky - 1...8, 9, 10
181 4 years ago
by GemmaD84
Topics Replies Last Reply
Lianneh86Early Pregnancy
started by Lianneh86
2 2 days ago
by Lianneh86
Kctks2018Starting first cycle of IVF
started by Kctks2018
0 1 month ago
by Kctks2018
KatiekakesCan't stop thinking that I'll miscarriage again.
started by Katiekakes
0 2 months ago
by Katiekakes
Tiarne97Confused as to weather or not I'm pregnant
started by Tiarne97
1 2 months ago
by Tiarne97
TyronmartHow I got my ex lover back.
started by Tyronmart
1 3 months ago
by LenoreHaigh
HmainlDay 49 no AF 3 BFN's
started by Hmainl
0 3 months ago
by Hmainl
carolyn37b63 days since last period, negative pregancy test
started by carolyn37b
13 4 months ago
by janeff
clodet75Pregnant and considering adoption for my baby
started by clodet75
0 5 months ago
by clodet75
Reddsunn63 days late ...what's going on ?
started by Reddsunn
0 9 months ago
by Reddsunn
AlixFoxGuardian podcast on conception, pregnancy, parenthood &
started by AlixFox
0 10 months ago
by AlixFox
BarbieDollReligion and your Kids
started by BarbieDoll
6 10 months ago
by JaydaMoon
WidowAnyone have a crazy birth story?
started by Widow
2 11 months ago
by kaka135
MortedFinally Found the Midwife for Us!
started by Morted
2 11 months ago
by missiemouse
Akiram13No Pregnancy is the same
started by Akiram13
7 11 months ago
by JosieP
MariposaWork Schedule and Maternity Leave?
started by Mariposa
4 11 months ago
by kaka135
Amelia88Do you (or did you) have a birth plan?
started by Amelia88
6 11 months ago
by missiemouse
Akiram13Mothers who have concieved shortly after giving birth
started by Akiram13
6 11 months ago
by momsie
MariposaWhen The Home Pregnancy Tests Are Wrong
started by Mariposa
3 1 year ago
by kaka135
Akiram13Finally a boy after three girls
started by Akiram13
12 1 year ago
by kaka135
Akiram13Over working and Pregnant
started by Akiram13
9 1 year ago
by kaka135
MariposaCan We Share Pregnancy Scares?
started by Mariposa
7 1 year ago
by missiemouse
Amelia88Did you "know" you were pregnant before you tested
started by Amelia88
6 1 year ago
by missiemouse
MelissavdW27Baby Names and Meaning
started by MelissavdW27
4 1 year ago
by darkchild
darkchildSex after Childbirth
started by darkchild
1 1 year ago
by morgoodie
MsRussellBBloating in early pregnancy
started by MsRussellB
2 1 year ago
by thash1979
JellieBabieHow did you break the news to your OH??
started by JellieBabie
4 1 year ago
by thash1979
mimi1228could i be pregnant no period since march 19th
started by mimi1228
3 1 year ago
by purplepen88
stemologyHere to Help :)
started by stemology
1 1 year ago
by kristine403
ShaliniI Will be Having a Prince or Princess ?
started by Shalini
1 2 years ago
by anyagujraal
JanetLewisPregnancy Pillows-Is that Useful !! OR its a waste of money?
started by JanetLewis
1 2 years ago
by anyagujraal
30yrmomof3Tubes tied, cut and burned 8 years ago. now 65 days late..
started by 30yrmomof3
0 2 years ago
by 30yrmomof3
DMPerezGood Books on pregnancy and twins..... ?
started by DMPerez
1 2 years ago
by sadhana
carlymarieHello :) new to this x
started by carlymarie
0 3 years ago
by carlymarie
GemmaD84Anyone from Ayrshire?
started by GemmaD84
0 4 years ago
by GemmaD84
skinnyminnyHaving a scan next week at 15 weeks - can they tell boy/gir?
started by skinnyminny
6 4 years ago
by jessica886
Angela_DLDue date november 7th?
started by Angela_DL
1 4 years ago
by GTTkel
jeaFlu jab anyone else having problems getting it?
started by jea
4 5 years ago
by jea
jeaHospital bag: packing advice please.
started by jea
1 5 years ago
by GTTkel
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