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First action's and reaction's

i found out i was pregnant a whole month before i was pregnant. i wasn't expecting me of all people to get pregnant. and i never wanted to be my boyfriend because he had already had a baby by one of his ex-girlfriend ( his son is two now.) i conceived April 18th 2010 and didn't find out until may when i took a home pregnancy test just playing around with my step sisters.
we had found some clear blue pregnancy test in our bathroom and we knew that they were my step mom's. my sister had took her's first and it popped up quickly "not pregnant" after i took mine i had forgot about it and went to go help my baby sister do something ( i don't remember what we was doing). it was hours later when my and my sister where joking about being pregnant ( we put pant's in our shirt's and told people that our pant's got us pregnant LOL).
my sister had reminded me that i took one and we didn't remember what it said. we went back up and looked at it. and sure enough it said i was. at first i didn't believe it. i just laughed at it. it really didn't hit me until i got over my dad's house. my auntie was there and she was pregnant at the time. i went upstairs and called my baby sister and told her about it she joked about it and told me that she was going to tell my boyfriend. i told her not to just cause i knew that one: we where just a relationship and i knew that it would end, Two: he had already had a baby and i was afriad that he would leave me if i was... ( which was dumm cause he still took care of his baby and talked to her. but i still never told him he just waited it out til i was obv. and he figured it out.
but it hit me like a week later. i stayed in the house crying and when my mom asked me i though she would be there cause she got pregnant at my age and my grandma never pushed her on the streets. but she wasn't she kicked me the same day i told her and i went to stay with my dad. and about two-three mth. later when i was like about four mths. pregnant he figured it out. therre really wasn't nothting

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Welcome to my Blog i will talk about the hard ships of being 16 && pregnant. from the point of not knowing where to go, finding out, telling you family friends and the dad.. and MUCH MUCH MORE.!!!
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